Will it be cheaper to buy in Spain post-Brexit?

House prices in Spain have been stead­ily re­cov­er­ing since the prop­erty mar­ket crashed between 2008 and 2014. This slow growth suffered in March 2020 when the pan­demic took a firm hold of Europe, with house sales in Spain dropping 37% and mortgages by another 28%, ac­cord­ing to Span­ish real es­tate web­site Idealista.

COVID-19 makes it hard to get a good read on the dir­ect im­pact of Brexit as strict travel re­stric­tions came at the same time as the end of the trans­ition period.

Brits have his­tor­ic­ally made up the largest per­cent­age of for­eign prop­erty in­vest­ment in Spain, but data from Spain’s not­ar­ies says the number of Brits buying in Spain was already falling in 2019, with a drop of 12.7% com­pared to 2018. 

However, in­terest in Span­ish prop­erty from UK buy­ers surged by 39% in Janu­ary 2021 com­pared to the same month in 2020, ac­cord­ing to real es­tate com­pany Taylor Wimpey Es­pana, sug­gest­ing Brexit is­n’t really slow­ing down Brit­ish sun-seekers.

How far will the pound stretch in Spain now Brexit is official?

The bot­tom line is that Span­ish prop­erty is still very af­ford­able com­pared to the UK, so Brexit is­n’t likely to slow de­mand too much. But could cur­rency be an is­sue?

The spend­ing power of Brits look­ing to in­vest in Spain has de­creased slightly with the fluc­tu­at­ing value of the pound after Brexit and COVID-19.

“There al­ways have been, and will con­tinue to be, ad­just­ments in the re­l­at­ive value of cur­ren­cies,” says Wolfend­ale. “It may af­fect your de­cision at the mar­gin, but it wont stop the mar­ket bey­ond the short term.

“New rates be­come the norm and people get on with it. If you are mak­ing plans to re­tire or en­joy your life, you can’t wait for the cur­rency mar­ket to be just right.”

Ac­cord­ing to Wolfend­ale, wealthy prop­erty in­vestors with their sights set on buying land in Spain or a nice sea-view apart­ment need­n’t lose much sleep over it.

He ad­ded, “UK cit­izens rep­res­ent a sig­ni­fic­ant part of the for­eign­ers buy­ing in Spain. And the more up mar­ket you go the less ef­fect it has.”

Will property taxes be more expensive post-Brexit?

The amount it will cost in taxes and fees for a Brit­ish per­son to buy or build a house in Spain would be the same as for any­one else, be they Span­ish, EU or non-EU: pur­chase tax, not­ary fees, re­gistry fee, etc.  

However, if you’re plan­ning to rent out your home, Brexit has a tax bump in store for you.

Rental in­come is taxed at 19% for EU res­id­ents, but non-EU cit­izens, as the Brit­ish now are, can ex­pect to pay 24%.

So it’s reas­on­able to think that Brit­ish in­vestors would at least take this into con­sid­er­a­tion, but whether or not it’s a deal breaker re­mains to be seen.

So does Brexit really impact the Spanish property market?

It’s still too early to tell for sure, but con­sid­er­ing that Brexit presents very little in the way of red tape to stop Spain’s top for­eign in­vestor, there’s not much reason to think it’ll have an ef­fect.

Cur­rency, taxes, per­mits, and prices are al­ways go­ing to change for one reason or an­other, so the per­fect time to buy or build, if such a thing ex­ists, is al­ways go­ing to be a mov­ing tar­get.

“The simple fact is that Spain is such a won­der­ful place to have a hol­i­day home in and re­tire to that people will just put up with al­most any­thing to be here,” adds Wolfend­ale.
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Source: Spanish Solutions

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